Interesting facts about floods:


Of all worldwide natural disaster occurrences between 2005-2014 were hydrological hazards related

US$21 Billion

Estimated amount of damage caused by flooding worldwide in 2015


Estimated number of people affected by flooding worldwide between 2005-2014

Source: Guha-Sapir D, Hoyois Ph., Below. R. Annual Disaster Statistical Review 2015: The Numbers and Trends. Brussels: CRED: 2016

True Flood Risk provides an estimate of a property’s actual first floor elevation without having to manually measure the height.
Generally speaking, insurance carriers often make rough assumptions about the elevation of houses to used to determine flood premiums. But not all properties experience the same flood risk. Oftentimes it may depend on the actual first floor elevation. True Flood Risk provides an extra layer of insights to pinpoint each property’s unique first floor height. thus giving a more accurate flood insurance premium quote. operated by Think Geohazards, Inc., can not take guarantee the full visibility of an address for accurate measuring. Information is limited based on the latest updates generated by Google Maps and Google Street View. For example if a tree or another object obstructs your view from measuring the true first floor elevation, please contact us for a one address look up credit.
The current algorithm has a statistical error of +/- 6 inches as of December 15, 2017.
The estimated results are approximate and for an accurate measurement an on-site visit is strongly recommended.
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