Why Use the True Flood Risk Estimator?

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True Flood Risk leverages Google Maps streetview imagery and other third party APIs for the most recent property features by address

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Real-time property data calculations
without an on-site visit

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Leverage our property data analytics
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Not all of the houses on the same street experience the same flood risk exposure.
Let True Flood Risk show you a property’s true first floor elevation (FFE).

Which property should pay more for flood insurance? Which property should pay less?

It is very simple, the higher the flood risk of the property, the higher the annual premium, right? Let’s use the 2012 National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) statistics as an example. If a single family homeowner purchased coverage of $150,000 for their residence, they would potentially pay the following annual premiums based on being exposed to a 1% annual chance of experiencing a flood (26% chance in 30 years) and most importantly, lets factor in the true base flood elevation into estimated premiums:

Premium to be paid at
4 feet below BFE:

  • $3,945
  • per year
  • $39,450
  • In 10 years

Premium to be paid at BFE:

  • $564
  • per year
  • $5,640
  • In 10 years

Premium to be paid at
+3 feet above BFE:

  • $189
  • per year
  • $1,890
  • In 10 years

TrueFloodRisk.com and its parent company, Think Geohazards, Inc. is not an insurance company. Please consult your insurance agent for up to date premium rates for flood insurance in your area.

Unlock the power of the True Flood Risk Dashboard.

Benefits For Property Owners

  • Measure your property’s true first floor elevation. This matters because insurance companies typically use averages to determine elevation, and ultimately, your premium.
  • Get access to government data regarding expected flood premiums based on different zones.
  • This estimator will help you be better informed when determining what your flood insurance premium should be and why you fall into certain flood zones categories.

Benefits For Insurance Professionals

  • Determine the true flood risk exposure for the first floor elevation of commercial and residential addresses.
  • Use insights as a marketing tool to target policy holders and adjust premiums based on first floor elevations providing lower premiums to customers with higher elevated first floors.
  • Leverage the location intelligence to sell more flood insurance to prospective customers.

Everything you need to quickly look up a property’s true exposure and risk to flooding.

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